Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell

Stem Cell

What is Regenerative Medicine?

It is a fast-emerging branch of veterinary medicine in which the body's own 

cells are used to heal and ultimately regenerate damaged tissues in acute and 

chronic conditions. This area of medicine includes Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem 

Cell Therapies.

Stem Cell

Acti Stem Cell Therapy is made available from a company Ardent Animal Health.. This allows us to

 treat your pet with their own stem cells. Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) are found throughout the body.

 They are easily obtained through a simple medical procedure which are found throughout the

 body. They are easily obtained through a simple medical procedure which allows the veterinarian

 to take a small fat sample from your pet. This fat is taken through a series of steps which allows

 for same day isolation and application of stem cells into problem areas.


Did you know that Acti Stem is the only veterinary stem cell therapy tested that is randomized trail for safety and efficacy for the treatment of osteoarthritis. In addition to joint disease other medical conditions are currently being studied

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